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 Rectron is one of the market leaders in the electronics and semiconductor industry. It is known for the highest quality of manufactured electronic components with excellent service. The company produces a diverse array of diodes and rectifiers from zenner diode, bridge rectifier to switching diodes and other types according to the customers' needs. It also provides transient voltage suppressors and signal transistors as part of Rectron's product line.

Besides the absolute quality of products the company manufactures, it also offers a great deal of client-focused services which starts with Rectron's dependable team of customer representatives and procurement people. Moreover, Rectron is noted for its complete quality regulation and product testing.

Rectron Product Listing

Rectron All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
HSM106 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,600V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
HSM101 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,50V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
HSM103 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,200V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
HSM107 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,800V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
BR1005G Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,50V V(RRM),BR-3W Discontinued In Stock
SB503 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,200V V(RRM),BR-3W Discontinued In Stock
SB203 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,200V V(RRM),BR-3W Discontinued In Stock
SM5818 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,SCHOTTKY,30V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
SM5817 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,SCHOTTKY,20V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
SM5819 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,SCHOTTKY,40V V(RRM),DO-213AB Discontinued In Stock
RS405LF Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,600V V(RRM),SIP Discontinued In Stock
RL500 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,50V V(RRM),DO-27 Discontinued In Stock
RBA153 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,200V V(RRM),BR-1W Discontinued In Stock
RL506 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,600V V(RRM),DO-27 Discontinued In Stock
RL502 Rectron RECTIFIER DIODE,200V V(RRM),DO-27 Discontinued In Stock
RBA151 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,50V V(RRM),BR-1W Discontinued In Stock
RS402LF Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,100V V(RRM),SIP Discontinued In Stock
RBC151 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,50V V(RRM),BR-1W Discontinued In Stock
RBB151 Rectron BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,50KV V(RRM),BR-1W Discontinued In Stock
20D05-B Rectron Rectifiers 20A 50V Obsolete In Stock
SR840 Rectron Schottky (Diodes & Rectifiers) TO-220A 8A 40V RECT Obsolete In Stock
UZM5228B-T Rectron Zener Diodes SOT-23 200MW 3.9V Obsolete In Stock
UZM5229B-T Rectron Zener Diodes SOT-23 200MW 4.3V Obsolete In Stock
FFM107 Rectron Bridge Rectifiers GP Fast Rec Si Rect SMA,1A,1000V Obsolete In Stock
UZM5232B-T Rectron Zener Diodes SOT-23 200MW 5.6V Obsolete In Stock
DB101C Rectron Bridge Rectifiers 1A 50V GP Obsolete In Stock
SM4001-W Rectron Rectifiers 1A 50V Obsolete In Stock
UZM5260B T&R OF 3000 PCS Rectron Zener Diodes DISC BY MFG 10/01 SOT-23 200MW 43V Obsolete In Stock
SM5819-W Rectron Schottky (Diodes & Rectifiers) 1A 40V Schottky Obsolete In Stock
SM4005-T Rectron Rectifiers 1A 600V Rect EOL In Stock