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Interconnects Manufacturer Listing

Interconnects All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
43879-0044 Molex Headers & Wire Housings MF BMI CPI Hdr .094 094PCB 4Ckt Tin/Lead Obsolete In Stock
10-84-4093 Molex Pin & Socket Connectors 084 Dia Assy Hdr Hsg Sk94V-0 Sn 9Ckt Obsolete In Stock
AL07F23-55S(IP) Amphenol Industrial Circular MIL / Spec Connectors 55P JAM NUT RECPT. #20 SKT CONTACTS Ni Obsolete In Stock
2-1437063-8 TE Connectivity / AMP Headers & Wire Housings HEADER 10 POS Obsolete In Stock
226990-2 TE Connectivity / AMP RF Connectors R.A. JACK 50 OHM Obsolete In Stock
73973-0001 Molex Standard Card Edge Connectors Obsolete Obsolete In Stock
1-102974-4 TE Connectivity / AMP Headers & Wire Housings 14 MODII HDR SRRA B/ Obsolete In Stock
41672-0030 Molex Headers & Wire Housings BRKAWAY HDR RA 8POS friction lock Obsolete In Stock
2-1776244-2 TE Connectivity / AMP Barrier Terminal Blocks Vert Side Wire Entry 5.0mm B Obsolete In Stock
5-87879-4 TE Connectivity / AMP Headers & Wire Housings 7P VERT SR RECEPT Obsolete In Stock
K44-C37P-TT30 Kycon D-Subminiature Standard Connectors .590" 37P PLUG R/A RIVET INSRT 30u GOLD Obsolete In Stock
10-84-4151 Molex Pin & Socket Connectors 084 Dia Assy Hdr Hsg Pin 94V-0 Sn 15Ckt Obsolete In Stock
38339-0458 Molex Jones Plugs & Sockets SOCKET 3 POSITION angle bracket Obsolete In Stock
26-01-1078 Molex Headers & Wire Housings KK3.96 SOL. REC. HSG 6 SOL. REC. HSG ASSY Obsolete In Stock
71602-010LF FCI Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE ASSEMBLY 10P Obsolete In Stock
56-B32-000-K Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products Ethernet & Telecom Connectors 6POS FILTERED DIN Obsolete In Stock
81100-620200 3M Electronic Solutions Division Headers & Wire Housings DISC BY MFG 1/02 100P STRAIGHT HEADER Obsolete In Stock
91488-421 FCI Headers & Wire Housings L-N-L KIT 2X8 W/O Obsolete In Stock
502056-1400 Molex Headers & Wire Housings COMPAKLOCK REC HSG 14CKT DUAL ROW Obsolete In Stock
87333-1232 Molex Headers & Wire Housings 2.00 MM MILLI-GRID H Obsolete In Stock
2401-6112TB 3M Electronic Solutions Division Headers & Wire Housings 1P STRT 1 ROW HDR Obsolete In Stock
26-60-9023 Molex Headers & Wire Housings KK 156 Hdr Assy RtAn 02 Ckt Tin Obsolete In Stock
205820-3 TE Connectivity / AMP D-Subminiature Tools & Hardware FLAT WASHER Obsolete In Stock
22-10-2241 Molex Headers & Wire Housings KK 100 Hdr Flat VERT 20 Au 24Ckt NRND In Stock
5607021 Phoenix Contact Unspecified Connectors CPT480220/120110/500 EOL In Stock
5607019 Phoenix Contact Unspecified Connectors CPT480220/120110/150 EOL In Stock
RDA-125BAG1A WIZnet Ethernet & Telecom Connectors RJ-45 W/ TRANSFORMER CONNECTOR/UDE Obsolete In Stock
90121-0788 Molex Headers & Wire Housings C-GRID SR RA PN 6.75 2.90MM AU-E 28CKT Obsolete In Stock
440HJ030M2508 Glenair Circular MIL / Spec Backshells EOL In Stock
J1011F01P Pulse Ethernet & Telecom Connectors 1CT:1CT GRN/YEL EOL In Stock
N/MS3106A20-16S JAE Electronics Standard Circular Connectors Plug 9P Sckt EOL In Stock
09662625815 HARTING D-Subminiature Standard Connectors DSUB SV ML SSDP ANG36-254 15P AUS4 EOL In Stock
161-5370 Kobiconn RF Connectors F PCB NRND In Stock
IL-S-2S-S2C2-S JAE Electronics Headers & Wire Housings 2P Socket Housing 2mm 28-24AWG EOL In Stock
ST-M6-K Kycon Phone Connectors KNURLED M6 NUT FOR STEREO JACKS Obsolete In Stock
35978-0240 Molex Headers & Wire Housings 2 CIRCUIT 3.96 W/B WAFER R/A J NRND In Stock
10-11-2213 Molex Headers & Wire Housings KK 100 Housing Crimp Ramp 21 Ckt EOL In Stock
65507-109 FCI Headers & Wire Housings BRKAWY HDR STR SR 1X09 230/120 EOL In Stock
UTO14PGT Souriau Circular MIL / Spec Strain Reliefs & Adapters CABLE CLAMP SIZE 14 EOL In Stock
87871-2409 Molex Board to Board / Mezzanine Connectors 1.25mm ZigZag Rec Bt ec BtB W/FL 3Sn 9Ckt EOL In Stock

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