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How can I contact OEMSemi?

You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or fax. Click Contact Us to find out our numbers and addresses. If you have any problem about your order, feel free to directly contact our sales representative.

How do I find a part?

Enter your part number into the ‘parts search’ box at the top of any page; our search system will attempt to locate your entered part number in our inventory database.

How do I get a quote instantly?

Enter your part number, quantity, and email address at the ‘quote’ page, our professional sales team will send you a detailed quote in less than 24 hours after you submit your request for quotation.

What is warranty for parts I buy?

OEMSemi warrants form, fit and function of parts bought from us within 60 days.

Does OEMSemi sell counterfeit or substandard parts?

OEMSemi does not sell counterfeit or substandard parts; we only sell original new parts. We only buy from original components manufacturers and their authorized distributors, as well as major OEMs, EMS for their excess inventory. And OEMSemi is able to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, for every order.

If I don’t satisfy with the products, how to return them?

Returning product with official test report within 15 days of your purchase, OEMSemi will respond to you with a RMA in 10 working days.

Who pays for the shipping if the product needs to be returned for replacement or repair under the OEMSemi Warranty?

You must pay all shipping costs of returning the defective item to OEMSemi.