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Toshiba plans to exclude WD from investing in new plants and pressured WD to reverse its semiconductor sales suit

Thursday,Nov 23,2017
Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that Japanese technology giant Toshiba recently held a board of directors that, in addition to confirming an additional capital increase of 600 billion yen, reconfirmed that it will step up its litigation with the continued sale of WD in the semiconductor business so far dispute. Toshiba said the settlement with WD has become Toshiba's last challenge to continue operations. If WD does not agree with the conditions of reconciliation, Toshiba plans to step up pressure, as soon as this month will be on Japan's Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi new plant expansion investment plan to further exclude WD participation.
The report pointed out that Toshiba vice president and head of Toshiba memory business into Mao Kangxiong, and Japan and the United States has been the leader of the United Republic of Korea Alliance (Bain Capital) Japan representative Suyuki Yamamoto, last week to the United States reached a settlement with WD Negotiate. Sources pointed out that the two sides failed to further resolve the disagreement after negotiations, and decided to continue the negotiations.
It is understood that if Toshiba completed by the 5th of next month, 600 billion yen in capital increase, even if the end of March 2018 before the completion of the sale of Toshiba, the pen money so that the brink of bankruptcy, Toshiba back to life. In addition to the stock will not be forced to the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing, but also in a favorable direction to continue negotiations with WD. Toshiba stakeholders told reporters that the negotiations with WD do not intend to compromise, and plans to force WD to withdraw their own tell. However, the negotiations may continue until after December.
Toshiba and WD jointly invest in semiconductor factories and share the product, which has always been a plus for WD. WD can not only gain access to the research and development achievements of Toshiba's new products, but also take this opportunity to attack the market. Once Toshiba excluded WD from investing in the new plant, WD was unable to get cutting-edge flash memory for smartphones and hit WD operations. Toshiba pressured with the withdrawal of WD to pressure as a joint venture between the two sides to invest in the semiconductor factory exchange conditions.
If Toshiba and WD reconciliation, Toshiba memory key point of sale only the relevant countries antitrust review. According to statistics, Toshiba completed 6,000 billion yen in capital increase, after the completion of the sale of semiconductor business, Toshiba's own capital is expected to recover to more than 1 trillion yen, to avoid bankruptcy.