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KLA launches global market brand strategy at SEMICON China 2019

Sunday,Mar 24,2019

 KLA (Technology), a supplier of semiconductor chip process control (optical) inspection equipment, revealed at the SEMICON China 2019 show on March 21 that the company has acquired Orbotech, an optical board testing equipment supplier since Israel last year. Global market and brand strategy. Dr. Becky Howland, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, and Mr. Zhang Zhian, President of Ketian International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., attended the event.

Ms. Howland said that the company changed its name from KLA-Tencor to KLA. The new name is not only easy to remember, but also reflects the company's new brand, market and technology development strategy. She said that KLA and Orbotech
The technology and products are very complementary, the company culture is also very compatible, the two sides will combine their respective advantages in optical detection software and hardware technology, and jointly develop reliability-dependent (automatic driving) at the chip level and board level. Automotive electronic process control testing market.
Ms. Howland also said that 2018 was a year of high performance in the company's performance. The company's product shipments reached $4.2 billion, sales were $4.3 billion, and gross margin was 64.4%. The mainland China market and the Taiwanese market each accounted for 23% of the company's total shipments, both ranked first in the global market.
After the merger with Orbotech, KLA has formed a network of operations in 17 cities including Beijing, Hefei, Kunshan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuxi and Xi'an in mainland China, which will lay a solid foundation for the company's future development in the Chinese market. A solid foundation, SEMI "Semiconductor Manufacturing" will follow up on KLA's future development strategy in China.