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ARM invests in ARM server chip maker Ampere

Sunday,Apr 21,2019

 Among the ARM-based server products, some companies are vying for as many markets as possible. These companies not only attract x86 customers, but they also compete with each other to win customers. Most of them target a number of key specific markets by having highly focused and niche products. Ampere is one of them, and now the company's investor lineup has a very strong and powerful member ARM.

Founded by former Intel President Renée James, Ampere is funded by the Carlyle Group and has been offering eMAG series processors since October 2018. The company purchased AppliedMicro's X-Gene ARM-based server assets in early 2018 and offers a custom 32-core chip based on the ARM v8.0 architecture built using the TSMC TSMC 16FF+ process running at 3.3 GHz. The chip is optimized based on the X-Gene II platform, and the company plans to develop an updated roadmap for the eMAG product line in the coming years.
Companies such as Ampere have relied on multiple rounds of investment early on, both in terms of funding for product development and expertise that potential investors can bring. Ampere is part of the Carlyle Group, which has a large portfolio of investments, but ARM has also joined the recent round of investment in Ampere. By convention, ARM will not invest in every ARM server chip company on the market, but now this relationship is likely to give Ampere an understanding of ARM's future design portfolio, as well as the opportunity to focus resources, reduce development costs, or enhance the end product.