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Amers Semiconductor and SmartSens collaborate on 3D and NIR sensors

Sunday,Jul 07,2019

 On July 4, 2019, Amers Semiconductor announced that it has signed a formal letter of intent with SmartSens Technology, a global provider of high-performance CMOS image sensors, and the two companies will work closely together in the field of image sensors.

The partnership will complement Amers Semiconductor's strategic path to further expand and enrich its portfolio of products for all 3D technologies – Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Structured Light (SL). At the same time, it will speed up market delivery and provide a new competitive product portfolio. In order to quickly meet the growing demand for 3D sensing solutions for mobile devices, the partnership will first focus on 3D near-infrared (NIR) sensors for face recognition, as well as high requirements in the NIR range (2D and 3D). The application of quantum efficiency (QE).
In order to speed up the launch of customer products, the two companies will jointly develop a 3D ASV reference design to support the future planned 1.3MP stacked BSI global shutter image sensor - the sensor has a QE of up to 40% at 940nm. For Ames Semiconductor's 3D lighting portfolio, this NIR sensor is a perfect complement to not only expand Ames Semiconductor's 3D portfolio, but also optimize overall system performance. The reference design will enable high-performance payment depth maps, face recognition and AR/VR applications at a very competitive system cost.
Stephane Curral, executive vice president of image sensor solutions at Amers, said, "Our cooperation with SmartSens in the field of image sensors will be of great benefit to our customers and will greatly accelerate the adoption of industry-leading 3D technology and voltage based on Amers. The global speed of the global shutter of the domain's core IP, such as Active Stereo Vision (ASV) and Structured Light (SL) technology, will speed up the market for mobile phones and other devices (including the Internet of Things). In addition, the cooperation will also help customers. Accelerate the launch of exciting new 2D and 3D sensor solutions for automotive cockpits."
Chris Yiu, Chief Marketing Officer of SmartSens Technology, said, "We are very pleased to combine our expertise in image sensor and NIR technology with Amers Semiconductor's expertise in 3D and core image sensing IP. We believe that This combination of expertise and sales channels will provide customers with the best solution."