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Infineon announced its latest investment plan in China at the CIIE

Sunday,Nov 08,2020

 Today, Infineon announced at the 3rd China International Import Expo that it will increase investment in China and expand the IGBT module production line of its Wuxi factory. After the expansion of Wuxi plant, it will become one of Infineon's largest IGBT production bases. Infineon will use a richer IGBT product line to meet the rapidly growing application needs of renewable energy and new energy vehicles.

Statistics from IHS Markit show that Infineon is the number one IGBT supplier in the world. IGBT is a representative product of the third technological revolution of power semiconductor devices. The product has excellent performance such as high frequency, high voltage, high current, easy to switch, etc. It is the core device of energy conversion and transmission, and is hailed as the "CPU" of power converter devices in the industry. IGBT can be widely used in heavy current control industries such as rail transit, aerospace, ship driving, smart grid, new energy, AC frequency conversion, wind power generation, motor drive, and automobiles.
After completion, the new manufacturing center will produce HybridPACK double-sided cooling modules for electric vehicles, EasyPACK 1A/2A modules and 1B/2B modules for wind power, photovoltaics and many industrial applications, and CIPOS for home appliances and industries. ? Mini Intelligent Power Module (IPM) and other power module devices. Among them, HybridPACK? Double-sided cooling module is Infineon's new IGBT product, which can be applied to the main inverter and charging and discharging of hybrid and electric vehicles. At present, the module has been successfully used in many plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles worldwide.
Jochen Hanebeck, Chief Operating Officer of Infineon Technologies, said: “China occupies an important strategic position in Infineon’s global business. The upgrade and expansion of the Wuxi plant will not only further increase our production capacity in China, but also help Infineon Consolidate its leading position in the development of global IGBT business."
Dr. Su Hua, President of Infineon Technology Greater China, said: “We are very pleased to be able to launch the Infineon Wuxi IGBT production project together with the Wuxi Municipal Government at the CIIE. Infineon’s successful development in China has benefited from China continues to have a good business environment. This year is also the third consecutive year Infineon has participated in the CIIE. As President Xi Jinping emphasized in the keynote speech of the CIIE, China will unswervingly expand its opening up in an all-round way. Infineon also With innovative products and services, we will work with our partners in China to create a more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly world."