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STMicroelectronics releases Secure Manager, a security solution that combines software and hardware, and developing secure embedded applications has never been easier

Sunday,Mar 19,2023

 STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM), the world's leading semiconductor company serving multiple electronic applications, has released the industry's first microcontroller SoC security solution, STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager (Security Management device), which simplifies the embedded application development process and ensures that security protection services are "out of the box". First used on STM32H5 series microcontrollers, the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager solution eliminates the need for developers to write and verify secure code themselves, while providing security services developed according to best practices.

Ricardo De Sa Earp, Executive Vice President of the General Microcontrollers Sub-Business Unit of the STMicroelectronics Microcontrollers and Digital IC Products Division, said: "Society is increasingly emphasizing application security, and customers are demanding fast delivery of certified secure, high-performance applications. This prompted us to work closely with ProvenRun, an ST authorized partner, to develop the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager. Secure Manager protects user assets and data security, making it easier to add valuable security features to customer development projects, while providing convenience for customer application authentication."
As Arm's lead development partner, STMicroelectronics supports the development of applications compliant with the PSA Certified Level 3 and GlobalPlatform SESIP3 security specifications on the Cortex-M33 core. In addition, STMicroelectronics also cooperates with Microsoft Azure to develop high-security middleware, and cooperates with ProvenRun to develop STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager based on its ProvenCore-M trusted execution environment operating system technology.
Dominique Bolignano, President and Founder of ProvenRun, said: “We developed Secure Manager in collaboration with ST to turn it into an easy-to-use security solution for the mass market in the STM32Cube ecosystem. We believe that over time, integrating our ProvenCore-M technology will help customers significantly improve the security and robustness of their applications."
In addition, STMicroelectronics has pre-integrated the Kudelski IoT keySTREAM™ Root of Trust from Kudelski IoT, an authorized partner of STMicroelectronics, on the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager, which supports the remote management service of the credential lifecycle. So, this is a security plug-in solution that provides security services such as software isolation, encryption, key storage, and initial credentials.
"Digital identity, profile and credential management are at the heart of IoT device security," said Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President, IoT at Kudelski. "STMicroelectronics' pre-integration and authentication of our IoT keySTREAM in Secure Manager increases device security, At the same time, through the realization of on-site zero-touch configuration, it alleviates the pain points of device manufacturers in managing credentials in complex and insecure production environments."
After STM32H5 introduced STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager, STMicroelectronics plans to promote it to more different series of STM32 MCUs.