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Melexis launches high-performance linear travel magnetic position sensor chip

Sunday,Oct 15,2023

 Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, recently announced that Melexis has launched a new magnetic position sensor chip MLX90423, adding a new member to the popular MLX9042x series 3D. This new device has higher long-stroke accuracy (up to 30mm), stronger resistance to stray magnetic field interference (SFI) and complies with ISO26262 (supports ASIL D system integration) requirements. It perfectly balances performance and price, and is very suitable for Space-constrained automotive ADAS applications such as braking systems (brake levers).

The MLX90423 uses Melexis Triaxis® Hall technology to achieve linear displacement (absolute linearity) of up to 30mm when suppressing stray magnetic field interference. This kind of accuracy is typically only achievable through advanced sensing technology. The MLX90423 is an ASIL C-rated single die according to the ISO 26262 standard, but a dual-die option is also available to support ASIL D system integration. In addition, the device inherits the superior performance of other members of the family in terms of absolute maximum ratings, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics, and the same higher accuracy across the entire operating temperature range.
The MLX90423 is a highly integrated magnetic position sensor chip that includes a Triaxis® Hall magnetic front end, an analog-to-digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing and a programmable output stage driver. By sensing the three components (Bx, By and Bz) of the magnetic induction applied to the chip, the MLX90423 can decode the absolute position of a linearly moving magnet. This feature enables engineers to use it to control applications such as brake lever travel, pedal position or parking lock actuators.
The MLX90423 can provide proportional analog output, PWM output or SENT output encoded according to the safety sensor format. It complies with ISO 11452-8 standards and can resist stray magnetic field interference up to 5mT (4kA/m).
Like the other sensor chips in the MLX9042x family, the MLX90423 is designed to ensure first-time success in EMC testing, thereby maintaining an efficient design flow and controlling costs. It has a higher absolute maximum rating (AMR), provides multiple protections including reverse polarity, can reduce quality incidents caused by electrical overstress and meet various OEM requirements.
All MLX9042x devices are AEC-Q100 qualified. Users can choose SMD packaging or SMP-3 PCB-free packaging (in which the sensor chip and EMC capacitor are integrated in the same mold).