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Intel leads Samsung in achieving mass production of 3D packaging

Sunday,Jan 28,2024

 Intel announced that its 3D packaging technology Foveros has achieved mass production, becoming the second company to achieve mass production of 3D packaging. Intel said its 3D advanced packaging technology, called Foveros, is a first-of-its-kind solution that allows processors' computing modules to be stacked vertically instead of side by side. Intel said Foveros will help advance chiplet (small chip) technology and provide a faster and lower-cost packaging path.

As Moore's Law approaches the physical limit, many chip manufacturers no longer rely solely on process reduction to achieve performance improvements. Advanced packaging technologies, including 3D packaging, have attracted attention. In 2.5D packaging, logic circuits and memory modules are still stacked side by side, but in 3D packaging technology, logic circuits and memory modules can be stacked three-dimensionally, which means that the distance within the chip can be further shortened, further improving the distance between modules. Connection speed.
TSMC will be the first to achieve mass production of 3D packaging in 2022. The current monthly production capacity has reached 1,900 pieces, and the monthly production capacity is expected to exceed 3,000 pieces in 2025. The successful mass production of Foveros means that Intel has become the second company after TSMC to achieve mass production of 3D packaging.
In addition, other chip foundry companies are also gearing up in the field of 3D packaging. Samsung is actively developing 3D packaging technology SAINT and said it will mass produce it in 2024. It is reported that UMC is also cooperating with EDA manufacturers such as Siemens EDA and Cadence to develop 3D packaging technology. Among OSAT manufacturers, ASE has launched the VIPack advanced packaging platform solution for the 3D packaging market.
Consulting firm Yole Intelligence said that in the future, the global advanced chip packaging market is expected to grow from US$44.3 billion in 2022 to US$66 billion in 2027. Among them, 3D packaging is expected to account for about a quarter of the market size, or US$15 billion.