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Infineon Technologies AG will be the first to provide customers with complete product carbon footprint data

Friday,Jun 28,2024

 Infineon Technologies AG will take the lead in providing customers with complete product carbon footprint (PCF) data, playing a pioneering role in the semiconductor industry. The company's ultimate goal is to provide carbon footprint data for the entire product portfolio, and Infineon can now provide carbon footprint data for half of its product portfolio. This initiative will help customers advance their own sustainability goals and effectively reduce the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain. The product carbon footprint is an important indicator used to measure the greenhouse gas emissions generated by a single product, which can be used to compare the impact of different products on the climate.

"By providing complete product carbon footprint data, Infineon is driving the vision of a net-zero society and helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions more effectively," said Elke Reichart, Member of the Board of Management of Infineon Technologies and Chief Digital Transformation and Sustainability Officer. "Infineon is committed to taking a leading role in carbon footprint transparency by expanding the coverage of its product carbon footprint data to its entire portfolio in the coming years. This underscores our ambition to be not only a technology leader, but also a sustainability leader."
The specific carbon footprint data provided by Infineon about individual products is essential for the growing number of customers who want to increase transparency about their carbon footprint. In addition, this data enables customers to make more informed decisions, thereby tapping into greater reduction potential and reducing carbon emissions across the entire value chain.
In the absence of established industry standards, Infineon has developed a robust product carbon footprint calculation method based on customer needs and best practices, covering the carbon emissions generated in the entire process from raw materials and supply, its own production and manufacturing processes, to manufacturing partners, and logistics transportation to customers (the entire product life cycle). This means that Infineon’s product footprint data covers scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions throughout the product lifecycle, from suppliers and manufacturing partners all the way to customers. The product footprint is expressed in kilograms of CO2 equivalent (kg CO2e).
Greater transparency goes hand in hand with Infineon’s strong commitment to decarbonization and digitalization. Infineon’s products make an important contribution to the global energy transition and further accelerate the pace towards a net-zero society. They are used in solar and wind power plants, electric vehicles and to improve the energy efficiency of many applications such as AI data centers. The total carbon emissions that Infineon chips can save over the entire product lifecycle are 34 times the CO2 emissions generated during their production.
Specificizing the carbon footprint to the product level is another important milestone for Infineon in its drive for sustainable development. Infineon has committed to carbon neutrality for direct and indirect emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030. Last year, the company also committed to setting science-based targets covering supply chain emissions (scope 3).