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Powerex Inc

Powerex Inc

Powerex Inc, a joint venture by General Electric Company and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, engages in supplying discrete devices, modules and integrated high power semiconductor solutions. The company designs and manufactures IGBTs, HVIGBTs, intelligent power modules, DIP-IPMs, rectifiers, thyristors, custom power modules, gate driver, DC-DC Converters and assemblies for such markets as aircraft, alternative energy, power generation and distribution, medical, transportation, welding and white goods and HVAC. 
Powerex Inc was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Youngwood, Pennsylvania. As a global leading semiconductor company, the company has sales representatives and franchised electronic distributors across the globe, including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. 

Powerex Inc Product Listing

Powerex Inc All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
CD411299 Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODES,COMMON CATHODE,1.2KV V(RRM),M:HL080HD6.5 Discontinued In Stock
CD410499 Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODES,COMMON CATHODE,400V V(RRM),M:HL080HD6.5 Discontinued In Stock
389C Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,150V V(RRM),DO-5 Discontinued In Stock
CD410899 Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODES,COMMON CATHODE,800V V(RRM),M:HL080HD6.5 Discontinued In Stock
MB12A10V10 Powerex Inc BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,100V V(RRM),M:ML029MW029 Discontinued In Stock
MB12A35V80 Powerex Inc BRIDGE RECTIFIER,1-PHASE FULL-WAVE,800V V(RRM),M:ML029MW029 Discontinued In Stock
ME400802 Powerex Inc BRIDGE RECTIFIER,3-PHASE FULL WAVE,800V V(RRM),M:HL043HD4.3 Discontinued In Stock
ME500806 Powerex Inc BRIDGE RECTIFIER,3-PHASE FULL WAVE,800V V(RRM),M:HL067HD6.5 Discontinued In Stock
RM10TN-H Powerex Inc BRIDGE RECTIFIER,3-PHASE FULL WAVE,800V V(RRM),M:HL065HD4.0 Discontinued In Stock
CC2406020N Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODES,COMMON CATHODE,600V V(RRM),M:HL043HD5.3 Discontinued In Stock
425K Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,500V V(RRM),DO-5 Discontinued In Stock
424K Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,500V V(RRM),DO-5 Discontinued In Stock
425M Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,600V V(RRM),DO-5 Discontinued In Stock
388A Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,50V V(RRM),DO-15 Discontinued In Stock
1N2158R Powerex Inc RECTIFIER DIODE,400V V(RRM),DO-5 Discontinued In Stock