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Semikron is a global leading power semiconductor manufacturer focusing on diode/thyristor semiconductor modules. The German-based one-stopcompany designs, develops and delivers 11,600 different power semiconductors including chips, discrete semiconductors, transistor, diode and thyristor power modules and power assemblies used in electric drives, wind-power generators, electric vehicles, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, conveyor belts and trams.

Semikron Product Listing

Semikron All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
TSK10-01 Semikron SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER,80V V(DRM),22A I(T),STF-M12 Discontinued In Stock
TSK10-10 Semikron SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER,800V V(DRM),22A I(T),STF-M12 Discontinued In Stock
SKU10-05 Semikron TRIAC,500V V(DRM),10A I(T)RMS,TO-220 Discontinued In Stock