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Tamura Corporation is a global leading Japanese company dedicated to providing high quality electronic components for global markets. The company’s offerings address Linear Power Transformers, Switch Mode Power Transformers, Telecom Transformers, AC / DC Switching Supplies, LED products, Current Sensor Products, DC / DC Converter and alternate current (AC) adaptors.
For over 80 years, Tamura Corporation has established customer base in North America, Asia, and Europe; and production locations in Japan, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic. 

Tamura Product Listing

Tamura All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
S21Z150D15 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 150A 15V Obsolete In Stock
NAC-01-2001 Tamura Power Inductors 1ADC 2000uH 460mOhm Obsolete In Stock
PL30-24-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 24.0VCT @ 1.25A 12.0V @ 2.50A Obsolete In Stock
SB3512-2024 Tamura Power Transformers 12VCT@.85A 12V@0.17A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
SB3512-2018 Tamura Power Transformers 9VCT@0.11A 9V@0.22A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
L10P015S12 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 15A 2.5V +/-1.5V Obsolete In Stock
L10P010S12 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 10A 1.5V Obsolete In Stock
L01Z600S05 NON-ROHS Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 600A 4V NON-ROHS Obsolete In Stock
L10P003S05 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 3A 1.5V Obsolete In Stock
MEI-04 Tamura Power Inductors 0.3H@300Hz 3VAC 4mA Obsolete In Stock
L10P010S05 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 10A +/-2.5V +/-1.5V Obsolete In Stock
SB2816-1614 Tamura Power Transformers 7VCT@0.115A 7V@0.23A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
SB2816-1606 Tamura Power Transformers 3VCT@0.265A 3V@0.53A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
3FL88-130 Tamura Power Transformers 12VA 44V@0.26A 88VCT@0.13A Obsolete In Stock
PFC700S-9 Tamura Linear and Switching Power Supplies 700W 48V 14.6A Obsolete In Stock
SB3512-2030 Tamura Power Transformers 15VCT@.065 15V@.13A 120V Single Primary EOL In Stock
L10P003S12 Tamura Board Mount Current Sensors 3A 2.5V +/-1.5V Obsolete In Stock
SB2816-1610 Tamura Power Transformers 5VCT@0.16A 5V@0.32A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
SB3516-3026 Tamura Power Transformers 13VCT@.115A 13V@.23A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
SB2812-1214 Tamura Power Transformers 7VCT@0.085A 7V@0.17A 120V Single Primary Obsolete In Stock
STT-103 Tamura Power Transformers ENCAP. TRIGGER XFMR Obsolete In Stock
PL20-24-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 24.0VCT @ 0.83A 12.0V @ 1.66A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-24-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 12V@4.66A 24VCT@2.33A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-10-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 10.0VCT @ 3.00A 5.0V @ 6.00A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-28-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 14V@4A 28VCT@2A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-10-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 10.0VCT @ 2.00A 5.0V @ 4.00A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-36-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 18V@3.12A 36VCT@1.56A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-20-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 20.0VCT @ 1.00A 10.0V @ 2.00A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-12-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 12.6VCT @ 2.40A 6.3V @ 4.80A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-16-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 8V@7A 16VCT@3.5A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-12-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 12.6VCT @ 1.60A 6.3V @ 3.20A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-28-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 28.0VCT @ 1.06A 14.0V @ 2.12A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-16-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 16.0VCT @ 1.90A 8.0V @ 3.80A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-20-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 10V@5.6A 20VCT@2.8A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-36-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 36.0VCT @ 0.56A 18.0V @ 1.12A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-16-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 16.0VCT @ 1.25A 8.0V @ 2.50A Obsolete In Stock
PL56-12-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 56VA 6.3V@8.8A 12.6VCT@4.4A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-36-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 36.0VCT @ 0.82A 18.0V @ 1.64A Obsolete In Stock
PL20-28-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 28.0VCT @ 0.72A 14.0V @ 1.44A Obsolete In Stock
PL30-20-130B-C Tamura Power Transformers 20.0VCT @ 1.50A 10.0V @ 3.00A Obsolete In Stock

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