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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japan-based company and worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing electrical engineering and electronics products used in information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment.

During over 90 years of development, Mitsubishi Electric has always been dedicated to provide reliable, high-quality products and solutions such as air conditioner, giant screens, substation,data projectors, and video walls through continuous technology innovation. 

Mitsubishi Electric Product Listing

Mitsubishi Electric All Product Listing

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Lifecycle Availability Quote RoHS Datasheet
2SD361 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,40V V(BR)CEO,1.5A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
2SK46 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,JFET,N-CHANNEL,3MA I(DSS) Discontinued In Stock
2SC1324 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,25V V(BR)CEO,150MA I(C),TO-12 Discontinued In Stock
M66221FP Mitsubishi Electric IC,SRAM,256X9,CMOS,SOP,52PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
2SC2237 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,2A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
2SC3022 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,7A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
MZ410 Mitsubishi Electric ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,10V V(Z),20%,DO-41 Discontinued In Stock
M5207L05 Mitsubishi Electric IC,ATTENUATOR,SIP,10PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
M74HC688FP Mitsubishi Electric IC,MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR,HC-CMOS,SOP,20PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
M5M5512KV-10VLL Mitsubishi Electric IC,SRAM,64KX8,CMOS,TSSOP,32PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
CR3CM1 Mitsubishi Electric SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER,50V V(DRM),3A I(T),TO-202 Discontinued In Stock
2SB360 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,180V V(BR)CEO,10A I(C),TO-3 Discontinued In Stock
2SA464 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,10V V(BR)CEO,10MA I(C) Discontinued In Stock
2SA459 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,14V V(BR)CEO,200MA I(C),CAN Discontinued In Stock
2SA568 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,30V V(BR)CEO,300MA I(C),TO-92 Discontinued In Stock
2SA463 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,20V V(BR)CEO,10MA I(C),TO-44 Discontinued In Stock
2SA570 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,PNP,60V V(BR)CEO,300MA I(C),TO-92 Discontinued In Stock
2SC1323 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,16V V(BR)CEO,500MA I(C),TO-131 Discontinued In Stock
2SC1340 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,25V V(BR)CEO,1A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
2SC1337A Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,2A I(C),TO-129 Discontinued In Stock
2SC2131 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,18V V(BR)CEO,600MA I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC3101 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,1A I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC1315 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,18V V(BR)CEO,500MA I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC1314 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,18V V(BR)CEO,5A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
CR03AM1 Mitsubishi Electric SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER,50V V(DRM),300MA I(T),TO-92VAR Discontinued In Stock
M74LS96P Mitsubishi Electric IC,SHIFT REGISTER,LS-TTL,DIP,16PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
2SC2056 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,9V V(BR)CEO,600MA I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC1970 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,600MA I(C),TO-220AB Discontinued In Stock
2SC2538 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,400MA I(C),TO-92 Discontinued In Stock
2SC2313 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,10A I(C) Discontinued In Stock
M5297P Mitsubishi Electric IC,POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR,BIPOLAR,DIP,14PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
2SC701 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,25V V(BR)CEO,750MA I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC308 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,60V V(BR)CEO,500MA I(C),TO-5 Discontinued In Stock
2SC309 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,80V V(BR)CEO,500MA I(C),TO-39 Discontinued In Stock
2SC3240 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,20V V(BR)CEO,25A I(C),SOT-121VAR Discontinued In Stock
2SC662 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,12V V(BR)CEO,20MA I(C),TO-58VAR Discontinued In Stock
2SC445 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,80V V(BR)CEO,500MA I(C),TO-5 Discontinued In Stock
M66700WP Mitsubishi Electric IC,CCD DRIVER,BIPOLAR,DIP,16PIN,PLASTIC Discontinued In Stock
2SC2540 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,17V V(BR)CEO,10A I(C),SOT-160VAR Discontinued In Stock
2SC818 Mitsubishi Electric TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,120V V(BR)CEO,100MA I(C),TO-5 Discontinued In Stock

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