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E + H introduced a new transmitter to take the sensor to measure multiple process variables

Monday,Dec 12,2016

For over 40 years, Endress + Hauser has provided the world's most comprehensive range of products for flow measurement of liquids, gases and vapors. Proline series transmitters play a decisive role; recently, Proline based on unique innovative technology to achieve the highest process and product quality, once again shiny market. The new generation of Proline 300/500 transmitters use state-of-the-art transmitter technology and are used in conjunction with thousands of proven Proline sensors.

The Proline 300/500 enables common flow metering in a wide variety of applications in the process industry, from quantitative and process measurement to metrological handover applications. With Proline, you can also view the process, allowing the plant operator to receive a large number of important diagnostic parameters and process parameters. Benefits to users in many ways: Better process control by optimizing process monitoring to reduce downtime.
Multi-variable and high-quality measuring sensors
Proline 300/500 transmitter and Promass and Promag sensors with the flexibility to use. (Eg, simultaneous measurement of mass flow, volumetric flow, density, concentration, viscosity, and temperature (Coriolis mass flowmeter); or volumetric flow, temperature, and conductivity (measured with a single instrument) Electromagnetic Flowmeter). Each instrument is calibrated on a calibrated, certified device (ISO / IEC 17025). This is unprecedented on a global scale.
Field information provides added value
The Proline 300/500 provides the user with a wealth of process information. Whether it's a central control room or a laptop connected directly to the site via a built-in Web server, you can search for devices, retrieve diagnostics, services, or access to process parameters. The ability to remotely retrieve all the parameters from an installed wireless WLAN, a global innovation that will simplify future service and maintenance.
Heartbeat Technology (Heartbeat Technology) always grasp the lifeline of the process
Heartbeat Technology (heartbeat technology) is another bright spot. All Proline instruments are equipped with Heartbeat Technology, which enables uninterrupted self-diagnostics and completes traceable metrological verification during operation. Operators do not have to be physically present: the verification can be initiated at any time through any available interface. So you can extend the specific application of the calibration interval, saving time and money.
Prepare for Industrial 4.0
Proline 300/500 offers a wide range of signal output types and communication options: HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF), Modbus RS485, Industrial Ethernet (EtherNet / IP) and PROFINET. As a result, all Flowmeter models from Endress + Hauser can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems. Today, the transmission of diagnostic and measurement data from the sensor to the process control system is more transparent, ensuring safe and comprehensive process control.