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Maxim recently introduced defibrillation pulses and ESD protection devices

Tuesday,Feb 28,2017

Maxim Integrated introduces the latest defibrillation protection device, the MAX30034, which is widely used in defibrillators, ECG (electrocardiographic) diagnostic and monitoring devices, from defibrillation and electrostatic discharge (ESD) shocks. Compared to existing processing methods and devices, the device simplifies the design, saving more than 75% of the space, reducing the bill of materials, while greatly improving performance.

One of the challenges of defibrillator and ECG monitor design is that the ECG input amplifier must withstand high-pressure pulses during cardiac resuscitation. These pulses can easily damage high-sensitivity electronic circuits used to capture millivolt-level ECG signals. To prevent such damage, triple protection of multi-component architectures such as gas discharge tubes (GDT) and / or transient voltage suppression (TVS) devices, as well as ESD protection diodes, is required for each channel. Moreover, the leakage current (key parameter) generated by this scheme is relatively high, about 1-2nA.
Maxim's four-channel defibrillation protection device MAX30034 with advanced semiconductor technology, the use of innovative topology, can absorb and no damage to bypass the high-energy pulse, away from the sensitive circuit. This compact, powerful product requires only a pair of external resistors for each channel, making it easy to achieve smaller, lower leakage current targets. The MAX30034 can replace the primary GDT and / or TVS, as well as the secondary ESD protection diodes used in the conventional solution for forced circuit protection. The device can maintain a leakage current of less than 10pA (100 times lower than GDT / TVS) after more than 100,000 defibrillation pulses.
Main advantage
Easy to design: small size single-chip solution, only for each channel were configured with a pair of external resistors
Reliability: After 100,000 times 5kV impulse, the leakage current is still 100 times lower than the GDT / TVS solution
Small size: Replacement of complex primary, secondary and ESD protection solutions with a 75% reduction in size; 3mm x 5mm μMAX® package (0 to 70 ° C operating temperature range)
"The customer needs innovative, compact devices," said Andrew Baker, executive director of Maxim's Integrated Industrial and Healthcare business. "The device completely changed the original solution and overcomes the long-standing challenge of defibrillation to medical device protection "

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