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LG Electronics and the two companies work together to develop ADAS integrated solutions

Tuesday,Jan 09,2018

 According to foreign media reports, LG Electronics announced on Sunday (January 7, 2018) that the company has entered into an agreement with NXP Semiconductors and Hella Aglaia to jointly develop an integrated ADAS solution designed to help autonomous vehicle manufacturing Prepare for global safety testing.

Under the cooperation agreement, the three companies plan to jointly develop the program, which integrates LG's ADAS camera algorithm, image recognition and control, NXP Semiconductors' high-performance automotive image processor and Hella Aglaia's ADAS software integration, is expected to be from The new program will be available in 2020.
The program must pass the Global Vehicle Safety Test prescribed by the Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) 2020. This test is particularly demanding on the performance of autonomous vehicles. For example, vehicles are required to safely recognize complex traffic conditions at intersections and respond quickly to ensure safe driving.