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Power Integrations Introduces LYTSwitch-6 LED Driver ICs for High Efficiency and Extremely Low Standby Power

Thursday,Feb 08,2018

Power Integrations, an industry leader in high-efficiency, high-reliability LED driver ICs, today introduced the LYTSwitch-6 family of safety isolated LED driver ICs that add a new dimension to intelligent lighting applications. The new IC offers 65 W flicker-free output with up to 94% efficiency and standby power as low as 15 mW with configuration options that support two-stage or single-stage PFCs. Designed for residential and commercial lighting and thin ceiling recessed lamp applications, the LYTSwitch-6 IC's fast dynamic response provides excellent cross-regulation for parallel LED string applications, eliminating the need for an additional secondary regulator circuit. In addition it is easy to connect pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming interface. The LYTSwitch-6 IC supports constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) control, allowing lighting manufacturers to choose a solution for different design applications, resulting in savings in manufacturing and logistics. Advanced thermal turn-back protection prevents the IC from overheating and provides lighting with guaranteed temperature rise under any high temperature and operating conditions.

The LYTSwitch-6 IC integrates a 650 V or 725 V MOSFET with secondary-side FluxLink ™ control, providing optocoupler better than 3% constant voltage and constant current regulation over all input voltages, loads and temperatures Accuracy. With synchronous rectification and quasi-resonant switching, the efficiency of power conversion stages with flyback topologies can exceed 94%, thus eliminating the need for heat sinks to provide high power output. For example, a 35 W (12 V / 2.92 A) design using an extra PFC circuit can achieve over 89% efficiency. With less than 15 mW standby power at common AC input conditions, the new devices are no exception even with input voltage sense circuitry, which allows the IC to provide self protection against mains surges and surges.
Hubie Notohamiprodjo, director of marketing for LED lighting products at Power Integrations, said: "The LYTSwitch-6 IC is suitable for smart lighting applications with multiple outputs, eliminating the need for heatsinks and optocouplers and drastically reducing the size of the output capacitor by 30% The number of components and system size will also be significantly reduced. "

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