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Microchip simplifies industrial-grade Linux design with system modules based on the SAMA5D2 MPU

Monday,Feb 26,2018

 Designing an industrial-grade microprocessor (MPU) system for running a Linux operating system is a very difficult and complicated matter. Even experienced developers in the field spend a lot of time designing board layouts to ensure the signal integrity of high-speed interfaces to DDR memory and the Ethernet physical layer (PHY) while meeting Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards . To make this kind of design easier, Microchip Technology Inc. has developed a new SAMA5D2 MPU-based system module (SOM). The ATSAMA5D27-SOM1 incorporates the recently announced ATSAMA5D27C-D1G-CU package-level system (SiP) by integrating power management, nonvolatile bootstrap memory, Ethernet PHY and high-speed DDR2 memory on a small, single-sided Circuit board (PCB), which greatly simplifies the system design.

SAMA5D2 series of products for all levels of professional designers to provide a very flexible design choices. For example, the SOMs integrate multiple external devices and solve major design issues surrounding EMI, ESD, and signal integrity, speeding development time. Customers can solder SOMs to their own boards for production, or use them as a design reference along with schematics, design and Gerber files, as well as a complete bill of materials that are freely available online. In addition, customers can also convert from SOM to SiP or MPU based on their own design needs. Regardless of the device the customer chooses, they can enjoy Microchip's continuing supply policies as required by the customer to ensure they meet the customer's needs.
SAMA5D2 SiP with Arm Cortex ™ -A5 microprocessors can be mounted on a SOM PCB or on a separate board. The product incorporates 1 Gb DDR2 memory, eliminating the PCB's limitations on the high-speed memory interface, further simplifying the design. Impedance matching is done during the packaging process and does not need to be performed manually during development, so the system can still function properly during normal speed and low speed operation. Available in three sizes of DDR2 memory (128 Mb, 512 Mb and 1 Gb), the SAMA5D2 SIP is optimized for bare metal, real-time operating system (RTOS), and Linux implementations.
Microchip customers receive the broadest range of device drivers, middleware, and application layers for the embedded market while developing Linux applications. All of Microchip's Linux development code for SiP and SOM is now available in the Linux community. This allows customers to drive connected external devices to SOM and SiP with minimal software development.
SAMA5D2 family of products with the industry's highest level of security, and to meet PCI standards, to provide customers with a secure design provides a great platform. Integrating Arm TrustZone, tamper detection, secure data and program storage, hardware encryption engine, secure boot and more, customers can work with Microchip security experts to evaluate their own security needs and implement protection appropriate to their design. The SAMA5D2 SOM also includes Microchip's QSPI NOR flash memory, a power management integrated circuit (PMIC), an Ethernet physical layer, and serial EEPROM memory with Media Access Control (MAC) to meet the needs of extended designs.
Alfredo Vadillo, vice president of Microchip's MPU32 business unit, said: "With the new SOM, SOM can significantly reduce development time, software code and debug, allowing designers to focus on system application capabilities and time-to-market, Customers can take advantage of Microchip's latest technology in a single module to bring products to market faster, and be assured of the full range of support and long-term commitment from us. "
For more information, contact your Microchip sales representative or authorized resellers around the world or visit the Microchip web site. To purchase products mentioned in the text, visit the easy-to-use microchipDIRECT online store or contact Microchip Authorized Distribution Partners.
Development support
The SOM1-EK1 development board provides a convenient evaluation platform for the development and design of SOM and SiP. The free board support package (BSP) includes the Linux kernel and driver for the MPU peripherals and integrated circuits on the SOM. Circuit diagrams and Gerber files for the SOM are also provided.