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Arm founder: Suspension of cooperation with Huawei will cause great damage to arm

Sunday,Jun 09,2019

After President Trump listed Huawei as a "banned entity" in the United States, Cambridge-based chip design company arm was forced to suspend business with Huawei.

Earlier, Google and some other US companies also took similar actions, because after the president’s suppression, the US company that regarded Huawei as a customer also cut off cooperation with Huawei.
Arm's chips are used in Huawei's smartphones and data center servers. In 2016, arm was acquired by Japanese investment giant Softbank for £24 billion, the largest deal ever for a British technology company.
Because some of the components used in the arm chip were designed in the United States, the arm was also affected by the new ban.
The computer industry idol Hermann Hauser told the Daily Mail that this incident will have an "absolutely huge" impact on ARM. In the short term, it will also have a certain impact on Huawei, but in the long run, this will be against Google. And the US industry will cause great damage.