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South Korea has developed a ternary semiconductor, and the binary is out of date?

Sunday,Jul 21,2019
On July 17th, a research team in South Korea has successfully implemented a more energy-efficient ternary metal oxide semiconductor on large-size wafers.
Kyung Rok Kim, a professor of electronics and computer engineering at Ulsan University of Science and Technology in South Korea, and his team have successfully developed a semiconductor that operates on a ternary logic system rather than an existing binary logic system. The paper for this study was published in Nature Electronics.
The research team said that the use of a ternary system consisting of 0, 1, 2, reducing the amount of information that semiconductors need to process, increasing the speed of information processing, thereby reducing energy consumption. It also helps to further reduce the chip size.
For example, using a binary representation of the number 128 requires 8 "bits" of data; with ternary, only 5 "bits" of data are required.
Current leakage is a major obstacle to further reducing chip size. Encapsulating more circuits in a smaller space can make tunneling more serious, increasing the leakage current, which means that the device consumes more power.
Kyung Rok Kim said that if this semiconductor technology is commercialized, it will not only mark a fundamental change in the chip industry, but also positively affect industries that rely heavily on semiconductors such as artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of things, biochips and robots. influences.
Since September 2017, Samsung has been funding Kyung Rok Kim's research through the Samsung Science and Technology Foundation. The Samsung Science and Technology Foundation supports promising technology projects.
Samsung has already validated this technology in the chip foundry business unit.