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Nvidia cooperates with Samsung and Micron to manufacture new game chips

Sunday,Sep 13,2020

According to reports, Nvidia announced a series of powerful gaming chips on Tuesday. These chips are designed using Micron Technology Inc's new storage technology and produced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company said its GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 chips will improve video game graphics with twice the performance and almost twice the power of previous chip versions.
Nvidia has long been cooperating with various chip manufacturers to manufacture equipment, and recently it has relied more on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd to produce the most advanced chips.
Samsung will use the 8-nanometer chip manufacturing process instead of the latest 5-nanometer process to manufacture new GeForce chips. However, Nvidia officials said that they have customized the process with Samsung, so Nvidia chips will be about 10% faster than other Samsung-made chips using the same 8-nanometer process.
"Processing technology is much more complicated. I think people have simplified it to an almost ridiculous degree," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told investors on a conference call last month and explained why The company does not always use the latest chip manufacturing technology.
Nvidia’s chips use a variety of technologies to improve graphics performance, such as using an artificial intelligence processor to predict how light moves in the scene, rather than manually calculating each light.
The latest chip also uses a storage technology that Micron has been developing since 2006, called GDDR6X, which can double the amount of data stored in Nvidia chips.
"Unlike traditional memory, GDDR6X has an unparalleled data rate that can keep up with the pace of game innovation and data-intensive applications," said Tom Eby, senior vice president and general manager of Micron’s Computing and Networking Business Unit Say.