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BICS cooperates with Microsoft to launch private network roaming solution

Sunday,Mar 26,2023

 International communications interconnection and 5G service provider BICS recently announced that it has cooperated with Microsoft to launch a private network roaming solution. The cooperation between the two parties will ensure real-time secure connections and powerful processing capabilities for networked devices around the world, so as to solve various roaming challenges of IoT devices between global public networks and private networks.

As enterprises increasingly adopt mobile private networks to connect field devices such as machines, AI and IoT devices, related use cases are also gradually entering the deployment stage. This requires enterprises to ensure that networked devices continue to maintain global connectivity after leaving the factory floor, or to provide more reliable on-site private network connections for designated devices running on the public network, such as asset tracking and workforce connections.
To help enterprises solve this problem, BICS cooperates with Microsoft to provide SIM and eSIM to realize seamless roaming between public network and private network, which also marks another key step for the industry to promote the open and global development of the Internet of Things . The two have also built a SIM management platform that enables enterprises to provide more flexibility, autonomy and easier management of their connected devices and policies. The collaboration also provides a connectivity management platform that enables businesses to easily integrate these SIMs and eSIMs, eliminating the need for integration with other mobile network operators. All of these capabilities are now available to partners building solutions on Azure Dedicated Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC).
Divya Ghai Wakankar, Vice President, Enterprise Business and Marketing, BICS, said: “Enterprises often expect too much when it comes to deploying IoT device roaming services. However, in reality, even those companies that are known for their savvy technology are unlikely to become experts in the telecommunications industry. To this end, we have worked together to create a global SIM/eSIM card and management platform for private network deployment applications, so that enterprises can centrally handle all complex issues through one solution, including network roaming, SIM service activation, etc."
The cooperation between BICS and Microsoft will also help enterprises avoid network "lock-in", and facilitate seamless roaming of networked devices between global mobile public networks and private networks without signing complicated operator agreements. This new breakthrough will allow enterprises to more easily deploy, connect and centrally manage 5G private networks at sites around the world, helping to create a new generation of business practices.
"Enterprises are increasingly demanding simplified roaming deployments, and they urgently need an easy-to-use and powerful SIM management platform to achieve this goal. Microsoft Azure dedicated MEC can rapidly expand edge computing and 5G private network deployment, and can help enterprises significantly simplify modern Connect the process of application deployment. By cooperating with BICS, we will further provide customers with plug-and-play SIM cards in various forms and levels, so as to realize seamless switching between public network and private network for their diverse deployment cases.” Microsoft products said Shriraj Gaglani, vice president of development.