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Molex introduces MX-DaSH, a hybrid data-signal connector integrating high-speed data, signals, and power connections

Wednesday,May 08,2024

 On May 8th, Molex, a global leader in the electronics industry and innovative connector manufacturer, continues to leverage its expertise in the automotive sector by launching the MX-DaSH series hybrid data-signal connectors. This innovative connector integrates power, signals, and high-speed data transmission into a single connector. The design goal of MX-DaSH series line-to-line and wire-to-board connectors is to support the transition of automobiles to zonal architectures and meet the demand for reliable data transmission in various emerging applications. These applications include modules for autonomous driving, camera systems, GPS and infotainment devices, LiDAR, high-resolution displays, as well as connections between sensors and devices.

Greg Everly, Director of New Product Business at Molex's Intelligent Mobility Solutions division, stated, "Our comprehensive MX-DaSH product portfolio offers automotive designers the opportunity to rethink automotive electronic devices by integrating power and high-speed data transmission into a single connector system. This not only significantly reduces the size of the equipment but also saves space, cost, and labor. Our overall approach is to allow designers to mix and match different types of terminals, providing greater design flexibility and simplicity to support zonal architectures and streamline harness layouts."
Optimizing Innovative Automotive Design
MX-DaSH connectors offer sealed and unsealed options for customers to choose from to meet various environmental and design requirements, thereby optimizing the next generation of automotive architectures. The connector supports multiple configurations to accommodate different sizes of power and signal terminals, including 0.50, 0.64, 1.20, 1.50, 2.80, or 4.80 millimeters, as well as the high-speed FAKRA Mini (HFM®) modules for high-speed data transmission.
To enhance reliability, MX-DaSH line-to-line connectors feature industry-leading high-stability blade-shaped male terminals and independent secondary locks, ensuring robust and reliable terminal mating. In addition, MX-DaSH supports various interfaces in wire-to-board connectors through modular segment structures or insert boxes, without changing the outer dimensions, enabling automotive engineers to adapt to the growing combination of equipment and sensors and meet different network requirements.
Reducing Costs and Complexity
With the new MX-DaSH series, vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers can better meet the growing demand for more compact hybrid connections in designs to support various automotive applications. For example, MX-DaSH can reduce the number of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors in dashboard and body control harnesses from 8 to 2, while removing up to 6 meters of copper wire depending on the specific model.
Various models in this connector system cater to the needs of various wire-to-wire application scenarios. For instance, a 31+1 position connector system combines 31 power and ground circuits with high-speed data circuits, reducing package size by up to 30%. Each MX-DaSH connector integrates more functions, simplifying harness installation and saving considerable installation time. The reduction in component count also provides more opportunities for further simplifying the BOM.
Furthermore, MX-DaSH connectors are designed for automated harness assembly, aiming to shorten harness installation cycles and enhance the efficiency and quality of the overall manufacturing process.