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Tower Semiconductor appoints Qin Lei as senior vice president of global sales

Sunday,May 26,2024

 On May 22, Tower Semiconductor announced on its official WeChat account that Mr. Qin Lei was officially promoted to Senior Vice President of Global Sales of Tower Semiconductor, reporting to President Dr. Marco Racanelli.

Thereafter, in addition to his current position as head of China, Mr. Qin Lei will also be responsible for all of Tower Semiconductor's global sales teams. All sales positions previously reported to Dr. Marco Racanelli or Todd Mahlen will now report to Mr. Qin Lei.
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Tower Semiconductor is a wafer foundry that focuses on special processes. In terms of high-precision analog and power supply, it has developed high-voltage and high-current BCD processes, such as 0.18um 140V BCD process platform and 200V SOI-based BCD process. platform. Data show that the company has advanced and proven CMOS image sensor pixel technology in the field of image sensors, and also has a very strong market position in radio frequency front-end, power management, sensors and other fields.